The Mountain Defender, founded in 2005, is an environmental newspaper dedicated to giving voice to communities across Appalachia that are impacted by the devastating practice of mountaintop removal coal mining. As a publication based in Tennessee, we focus on the impacts of mining in our state’s mountains and watersheds, but we also include stories of resistance from communities across Appalachia. Topics include campaign updates, current permits being challenged, ways citizens can get involved and news on regulations, as well as music, art and culture from the mountains.

  • The Mountain Defender is created entirely by community volunteers.
  • Twenty thousand copies of our most recent issue were distributed in cities and coalfield areas across East Tennessee and the greater Appalachian region.
  • The theme of our next issue is “Breaking the Chains, Building the Future.” We will focus on the importance of moving away from dirty energy and building a clean, sustainable energy future.

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